Chapter 2- Loyalty and Revolution

Tracing my Mormon pioneer roots because sometimes our story begins with those who came before. Chapter 2 – Loyalty and Revolution Once in America, John Wood set about building a new life for himself, including moving from Massachusetts to New York.  The Old Dutch Church of Kingston in New York kept a meticulous register ofContinue reading “Chapter 2- Loyalty and Revolution”

Chapter 1- Sailing Ships

Tracing my Mormon pioneer roots because sometimes our story begins with those who came before. Chapter 1 – SAILING SHIPS I admire a tree’s solid footing in a spinning world. Walking in forests anchors me. Placing my palms against a tree’s rough bark, I wonder what secrets it holds. A tree’s fall leaves are richContinue reading “Chapter 1- Sailing Ships”


Recently, our local paper had an article detailing a letter some concerned community members sent to the school district. They don’t like a “Black Lives Matter” banner hanging on the tennis court in front of the high school. Under the words “Black Lives Matter,” the banner reads, “Vision: Every student is a lifelong learner whoContinue reading “Indoctrination”

Teach Our Children

I’ve spent nearly two decades as an early childhood teacher teaching hundreds of students.  Often, my preschool was the first time parents left their children.  Building trust was a dance we did together.  Student, parent, and teacher.  The goal was to prepare each child for life beyond the preschool walls. Every parent loved their childContinue reading “Teach Our Children”


“Conversations with Racists Like Me,” is a writing idea I have been actively trying to ignore for nearly four years.  The thought creeps into my brain when my guard is down in the wee hours of the night.  It whispers when my anxious busyness cannot distract me.  Much energy has been spent in avoidance. AtContinue reading “Beginnings”


TERESA’S THOUGHTS: Instead of sharing about the book writing process, I want to share why I am writing this book at all.  A book which is an autopsy of my own racism.  Where I learned it.  How I stayed blind to it.  And where I might go from here. This dissection is painful and messyContinue reading “Bridge”