Sea Glass

Let me be like sea glass Shattered free from what once made me whole Let me be broken open without fear and fuss Adrift from all I once called mine. Trusting the ancient buoyancy of salt water Surrendering to waves and rocks grinding at my edges Let me lie hidden until serenely polished To keepContinue reading “Sea Glass”

They Don’t Need Valentine’s Day

He doesn’t love her with poetry. He doesn’t love her with flowers. He doesn’t love her with Hallmark cards or trips to the Eiffel Tower. He doesn’t love her with empty words only meant to beguile. He doesn’t love her with sparkly rings that fade after awhile. Still she knows. He loves her. With everythingContinue reading “They Don’t Need Valentine’s Day”

I Am Dry

A poem about finding the calm within oneself regardless of the weather swirling around you.