Chapter 2- Loyalty and Revolution

Tracing my Mormon pioneer roots because sometimes our story begins with those who came before. Chapter 2 – Loyalty and Revolution Once in America, John Wood set about building a new life for himself, including moving from Massachusetts to New York.  The Old Dutch Church of Kingston in New York kept a meticulous register ofContinue reading “Chapter 2- Loyalty and Revolution”

Lunch Card

One day at school, I stopped eating lunch. I didn’t stop eating because I wasn’t hungry, hated cafeteria food, wanted to lose weight, or was extra studious. I stopped eating because I was ashamed of being poor. Growing up in Utah, my family was a part of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, the Mormons. TheContinue reading “Lunch Card”


Recently, our local paper had an article detailing a letter some concerned community members sent to the school district. They don’t like a “Black Lives Matter” banner hanging on the tennis court in front of the high school. Under the words “Black Lives Matter,” the banner reads, “Vision: Every student is a lifelong learner whoContinue reading “Indoctrination”