I Am Dry

It’s a rainy day.  Grey, soggy, wet.  Raindrops fall like rivers. I am dry.

I am dry for tears no longer flow.  Though it’s raining outside, I am dry.

Hear the thunder clawing at the blue with flashes of lightening.  I am still.

I am still.  Anger has grown tired so though fire bolts rip the sky, I am still.

April 15 2017 2017-04-14 038

Feel the sun.  I used to need the shade.  I was blinded by vibrant rays of hope.

Now I stand with both arms open wide as sunlight thaws despair in me.

The past regrets and lessons learned I loaded like massive stones upon my back.

But getting wise sets free those weary thoughts forced to travel endless miles with me.



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