Pieces and Parts

We’ve got pieces of us we left behind.

Parts of our heart we may never find.

Pieces of paper waiting to file.

Parts of secrets locked deep for awhile.

Like chapters in novels or hours in a day,

Breaths in a lifetime.  Scenes in a play.

Life is just pieces and parts.


We have pieces of songs we’ve never sung.

Parts of things we’ve left undone.

Pieces of trust shattered and broke.

Parts of lies from stories we spoke.

Like drops in a puddle and lines in a hand.

Prayers in the heavens.

Beats in a band.  Life is just pieces and parts.


There are pieces of lovers you used to adore.

Parts of friends you don’t know anymore.

Pieces of words ripped from a page.

Parts of silence screaming with rage.

Like seeds in a flower and blinks in an eye.

Thoughts in a mind or waves in good-bye.

Life is just pieces and parts.

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